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Belenos Group of Arts

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You can leave an offer request for Belenos Group of Arts via the form below or

e-mail Please note to leave precise information about the event in question: location, venue, date, requested show and duration, possible space for the performance, nature of the event and the wished number of performers.


We wish contacts via e-mail primarily, since our days consist of training and performing.


The price information for each show will be given only via an official offer request. The offer request contains terms and conditions for each performance. Each offer request is valid until there is not any performers available that date. The offer request is not binding for the group or the customer until it is confirmed. There can be other offer requests for the same date at the same time. We will not respond to preliminary reservations, each show is booked in the order of confirmation. In performances the value added tax (VAT) is 0 %. Information given via the form below is confidential and will not be given or sold forward.


In events outside of Finland the safety factors and permits with the authorities are the responsibility of the event organizer considering fire performances. In events outside of Finland the organizer of the event is responsible for locally legal and accurate primary extinguishing equipment and permission documents. In events outside of Finland the performers are responsible for the safety of the show itself assuming the permissions and extinguishing equipment are appropriate and taken care of beforehand.


Thanks for submitting!

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