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Belenos Group of Arts

Magical mystique!


Fire shows

Belenos Group of Arts presents unforgettable fire shows with ten years of experience and professional skills! The group belongs to the best of fire artists in Finland and the element takes a whole new level in the hands of Belenos fire dancers.


A fire show is beyond comparison when excitement and a magical feeling are wished for in your event. Our fire performances are breathtaking combinations of dance, synchronization, feeling and object manipulation. Fire as an element charms various audiences!


An improvised fire show suit perfectly as a welcoming show for your guests or to spice up live music and festivals. The length of an improvised performance can vary from few minutes to even an hour!

The performance can be one of our choreographed ones or custom-made as wished. The length of the choreographed show is usually 15 minutes, but it can be customized to be 2-20 minutes, performed once or several times, as a whole or in parts.

Fire shows can be performed both in- and outdoors with safety factors taken into account. The price of the show is determined by the show in question, number of dancers, location and duration. We take care of the safety issues and regulations together with the organizer of the event and handle the permits with the authorities if necessary in Finland. Every member of our group is insured and has gone through a Finnish fire safety training and has a Finnish hot work license.


Whether a surprise, finale number or welcoming show for your guests – make your event unforgettable with a mesmerizing show!

Belenos tulishow.jpg

fire shows

Choreographed shows in full length or in shorter parts. Duration from 2 to 20 minutes


Reception show

Delight your arriving guests with a fire performance. Length as agreed.


Custom-made fire show

Customized show according to your wishes to suit the event and venue in question. Surprise number, improvised reception show or the finale – you decide!

Length as agreed.


Improvised performances

Improvised shows go best together with live music and festivals. Duration as agreed.


The Whisper of fire



Echo – Whisper of fire

Echo is the newest fire performance of Belenos Group of Arts. It is an energetic and bombastic fire show, in which the group shows excellence and top-skills from the flow-arts world! Echo, the whisper of fire, is born in the hands of the skillful performers and continues to develop into a blaze within the show.


This professional level fire show combines object manipulation, dance and the top equipment of the flow-arts field. Like an echo, follow synchronized group choreographies each other in this breath-taking show. Costumes that glow in blue represent the heart of a flame – its hottest center.


The performance suits all kinds of events from small private events to city festivals! The duration is approx. 15 minutes, but it can be customized according to wishes. The show can be shortened, lengthened, performed in parts or many times during the event.

Are you ready for the whisper of fire?


Fireshow Välke

ED-1232 kopio.jpg

Fireshow Välke

Are you looking for an impressive guest reception for your event? Fire show Välke – flickering flame is designed to be performed in various events where a spectacular program number is desired for the arrival of your guests. 


An improvised fire show with two or more fire performers offers your guests an unforgettable experience and guarantees a festive atmosphere right at the entrance. 


The performance can be performed with music that suits the theme of your event or totally without, because the performance itself creates a unique ambiance of its own. As in arrival, Välke is also suitable for the departure of your guests! 


The duration of the fire show is 15-45 minutes tailored according to your wishes. The fire show is not completely weatherproof, but a little drizzle or wind does not slow down the performers.

Fireshow Dione


Dione – Goddesses of fire

Dione is a unique fire show full of sparkling glitter and tempting energy ! The show is choreographed to familiar hit songs and suits especially to parties and celebrations. This show will brighten up your event !


Dione is a combination of chair fire dance, fire hoops and fire ropes. The length of this show is about 10 minutes and the minimum is three performers.


Boost the atmosphere of your party with sparkle and flames! Dione will surprise your audience!

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