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Belenos Group of Arts

The Pioneer of light shows

Promenading performance

Promenading show is a movable performance that can be adapted to the event in question. The performance can be customized with led-parasols, visual pois or /and hoops. The atmosphere of the performance is created with beautiful fairytale costumes and impressive show props –therefore it suits also daytime events.

Lightwings Aurora


Promenading performance Aurora

Aurora – Colours of the sky presents the newest celestial light equipment from Belenos Group of Arts.


The promenading performance Aurora charms your audience! In this new promenading light show you can witness majestic never before seen light wings. Light show Aurora awakens northern solar winds. In the performance the wings reflect the colors of aurora borealis and lights up to flicker when the dark comes.

Performances made among, and in contact with, the audience offers a striking experience of beautiful colors and dance – created by lovely fairytale-like creatures.


Luminoys lilys


Illusia - Luminous lilys

New, unique and exceptional!

As pioneers in lightshows, Belenos once again presents something special! The lightlilys are an incredible attraction to your event. They suit to guest reception, cocktailpartys or any type of event where the performance moves freely in the event area while interacting with the guests The lightlilys fit to events for everybody, from child to adult and they mesmerize the crowd/audience with their shine.


Lightumbrella Ikaros


The promenading performance Ikaros charms your audience

Ikaros is a movable performance that creates an enchanting atmosphere in your event area. The movable performance suits to public and private event as a single number or besides a choreographed stage show.


Performances made among, and in contact with, the viewers offer a striking experience of beautiful colors, patterns and dance – created by lovely fairytale creatures. Ikaros can be customized with parasols, led-parasols, visual pois and/or visual hoops according to your wishes. The feeling of the performance is created by fairytale costumes together with props, so it suits daytime events too.

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