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Belenos Group of Arts

The Pioneer of light shows

Light shows

Our light performances combine innovative led-equipment and beautiful handmade costumes with the magic of dance! The led-props used in these performances create captivating light patterns and pictures for the viewer to see. Our light shows are elegant and carefully structured and they charm audiences of all ages!


Light shows can be performed on the stage or among the audience as a movable performance in the event area. They are suitable for both in- and outdoor venues, for example festivals, corporate celebrations, launch events, weddings, birthdays and cultural events.


A darkening evening or an atmospherically lit venue create the best setting for an enchanting show, but our performances can be customized to suit daytime events as well. Light show is an excellent alternative for venues, where fire show is not possible.


The price of the show is determined by the show in question, number of dancers, location and duration. The performance can be one of our choreographed ones or custom-made according to your wishes. A customized show can be choreographed or improvised, you decide!


The length of the choreographed shows can vary from 2 to 20 minutes and it can be performed once or several times, as a whole or in parts.


Whether a surprise, finale number or reception show for your guests – make your event memorable with a mesmerizing performance!


Choreographed light shows

Ready-made stage choreographies as a whole or in shorter parts. Length from 2 to 20 minutes.



High-quality light show props together with synchronized dancing and object manipulation take our shows to a completely new level!


Custom-made light performances

Customized stage shows with your company logo or according to the theme of your event.

Length as agreed.


On stage or in contact with audience

Our promenading performances bring the art to the audience. Beautiful light-creatures create unforgettable moments. Length as agreed.


Visual light props


See your logo in led-lights

Want to see your logo, slogan and company colors in led lights? Our visual pois are an exceptional way of promoting and making your event unique! Visual poi act can be a movable performance among the viewers, a surprise number or the finale of your event!


Our high-quality visual led-props can be programmed according to theme of your event. The visual props project the pictures, patterns and colors of your wishes for your audience to see!


Corporate greeting, welcoming of your guests, seminars, launching event or opening ceremony, our light performances are modifiable!


For a business greeting, a reception for your guests, a launching event, seminar or opening ceremony, visual pois create unique promotional opportunities!


Luminous lilys


Illusia - Luminous lilys

New, unique and exceptional!

As pioneers in lightshows, Belenos once again presents something special! The lightlilys are an incredible attraction to your event. They suit to guest reception, cocktailpartys or any type of event where the performance moves freely in the event area while interacting with the guests The lightlilys fit to events for everybody, from child to adult and they mesmerize the crowd/audience with their shine.


Lightwings Aurora

Promenading performance Aurora

Aurora – Colours of the sky presents the newest celestial light equipment from Belenos Group of Arts.


The promenading performance Aurora charms your audience! In this new promenading light show you can witness majestic never before seen light wings. Light show Aurora awakens northern solar winds. In the performance the wings reflect the colors of aurora borealis and lights up to flicker when the dark comes.

Performances made among, and in contact with, the audience offers a striking experience of beautiful colors and dance – created by lovely fairytale-like creatures.


Light show Halo